Babes You Should Know: Emilee Dyer

This week I'm introducing you to one of the most inspiring fashionistas I've had the pleasure of getting to connect with.

Meet Emilee Dyer.

She's a 25-year-old blogger originally from Orem, Utah who writes about fashion and beauty on her blog, Pinky Approval.

To learn more about this inspiring, fashionable woman, keep on reading!

Tell me about how you started blogging/influencing…

I have some very strong beliefs and philosophies when it comes to shopping and the quality of clothes that I wanted to share with others and that is how I started my blog Pinky Approval. I wanted to teach others the importance of quality and how to incorporate the mindset of COST PER WEAR when you are shopping, and that their are ways to purchase quality that will last forever without spending a fortune. My blog has now evolved into other topics such as skincare, but still adopting the mentality of CPW.

What has been the biggest struggle for you with blogging, social media, collaborations, etc?

My biggest struggle has been getting comfortable being uncomfortable. I know that sounds really cliche, but what I mean by that is learning to be comfortable talking to myself on camera and not feel insecure when I put it out there for the world to watch. Learning to be comfortable when everyone is staring at me in the streets while I'm taking pictures for my blog. That was my absolute biggest struggle and what almost hindered me from starting my blog.

What advice would you give to those who are experiencing similar struggles and setbacks?

STOP CARING. Caring will only hurt your success. When people stare at you during your photo shoots in the streets, smile at them and wave.

What piece of advice have you gotten that has helped you succeed?

I've heard a lot of quotes and advice that are fantastic, but this picture is what really keeps me going. Whenever I want to stop or I don't feel like any progress is being made I look at this picture and remind myself that if I give up now I could be giving up right before I hit the gold.

Who do you turn to for inspiration?

I really admire Courtney Trop of Always Judging for how authentic and real she is to her followers. She likes what she likes and she doesn't style things by "whats in" so whenever I'm feeling inauthentic I look at her page and instantly feel refreshed. I also go to my mom for inspirations. Whenever I'm lacking ideas my mom is there with 300... literally.

Let's talk Instagram photos! What are your ultimate go-to apps when editing?

VSCO is my #1 editing app I use, but if i'm editing my picture to have texture such as vintage scratches or a light flare I will use Color Story.

It takes a lot of work to get the perfect IG shot. Do you have any funny moments from shooting?

One time my mom was taking a picture of my by this abandoned barn and a cop pulled up and I thought he was going to ask us to leave so my mom started snapping away and ignoring him, but then he asked if he could take a picture of us together and we had a 20 min iPhone photoshoot with this cop.

Everyone has their own tips when it comes to social media. What are yours?

Be yourself and don't conform. When you are authentic it shines through. You don't have to have a pastel tinted IG feed if that's not your personality. Showcase your unique taste and editing style and start a new trend.

Have you had an "I made it" moment yet?

I wouldn't say I have reached the "I made it" moment yet, but I celebrate my small success, because I know those are going to get me to that "pinch me I'm dreaming" moment.

What's next?

Videos. I'm breaking out of my comfort zone again by learning to talk to myself on camera.

A big thank you goes out to Emilee for letting me feature her in this post. It was so incredible getting to learn about her and what has inspired this fashionista throughout her journey as a blogger so far! I can't wait to watch her videos and see how she succeeds even further.

If you want to connect with Emilee, I'll put all of her socials below for you!

Facebook: @pinkyapproval

Instagram: @pinkyapproval

Twitter: @pinkyapproval

Don't forget to check out her blog, Pinky Approval!

If you're not familiar with CPW, I highly recommend taking a look at her post "Cost Per Wear" where she breaks down what it is and explains how to find the CPW and how it benefits you in the long run.

Thank you all so much for reading!

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