Spring Style Staple: Leather Jackets

Photo Credit: Thomas Doggett

There are three types of spring jackets every woman needs to own: a denim jacket, a trench jacket, and a leather jacket.

My favorite of the three? The leather jacket.

Leather jackets can take any basic look and instantly make it chic and edgy. For example, let’s take the basic white-tee-and-jeans combo. The only thing you need to do with that outfit to make it happy hour appropriate is throw on a pair of black pumps, grab a statement clutch, and shimmy on into a leather jacket. To amp up the look even more, put on a pair of silver or gold hoops while you’re waiting for your Uber to come get you.

Finding the best leather jacket isn’t always the easiest task to complete though. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. It’s important to find the right fit, color, and style.

As far as fit goes, the perfect leather jacket should be durable, comfortable, and tailored to your body. You don’t want it to be too tight to the point where you don’t have full range of motion, but you don’t want it to make you look boxy either. Ideally, your jacket should hit right at the top of your hips and should lay against your body comfortably whether it’s zipped or open.

When you’re debating on which color leather jacket to get, I always recommend choosing a black one, unless you already have a black one. I’m lucky enough to have found black, grey, light grey, beige, and brown leather jackets that I completely adore, but the one I wear most often is my black one. Why? Because it goes with everything.

Photo Credit: Thomas Doggett

Another aspect of a leather jacket to consider is the color of hardware on the jacket. If you mainly wear silver jewelry, buying a jacket that has gold hardware on it might not be the best idea. Mixing metals can make for a fun look, but most times, it looks a bit out of place. If you can, try to find a jacket with hardware in the same color of the jewelry you wear most often.

The last thing to consider when looking for a leather jacket is the overall style of the jacket. For example, if you’re not someone that typically wears fringe, buying a leather jacket with fringe on it might not be the best idea for you. Or if you’re someone that wears more basic clothing items, like the typical white tee and jeans, you might opt for a more embellished jacket to amplify your look. Personally, I’m someone that loves to dress very extra/not casual on most days, so I like to invest in leather jackets that are not as embellished and can go with most outfits.

Like I mentioned earlier, finding the perfect leather jacket will take some time. I recommend just keeping an eye out for leather jackets whenever you find yourself in a store or shopping around online. I’ve had great luck buying leather jackets in early fall, but a lot of websites like Missguided or ASOS tend to have leather jackets towards the end of fall. With festival season coming up, you might have great luck finding some jackets because leather always seems to be a vibe at festivals like Coachella.

The bottom line is, leather jackets are amazing to have, but there’s a lot to consider when investing in one. I hope this post helped you, or at least taught you a thing or two about leather jackets. Thank you so much for reading!

Photo Credit: Thomas Doggett

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