Babes You Should Know: Helen Berkun

"Babes You Should Know" is back! Today we're learning all about the lovely Helen Berkun!

I'm so excited for all you to meet Helen, the woman behind Helen Berkun. She is not only one of my favorite Chicago bloggers, but she is also a stylist, photographer, creative director, mom, and more! She really is a true #bossbabe in every sense!

I already know you're loving her already, so let's get right into it!

Tell me about how you started blogging/influencing…

Honestly, blogging/influencing was a happy accident. It happened so organically. I started out as a fashion photographer and celebrity stylist. I traveled all over the country working on major campaigns, styling for red carpets and styling and shooting catalogue work. My brother always told me to start a blog back in like 2009, but honestly I was so busy and really didn't understand what blogging was. Fast forward to 2011 and having a second baby I gave it a shot. I've been photographing and documenting my looks since junior high really. Long story short, I started the blog with my assistant at that time. It was called HEL DEL CHIC. We kept it going for about a year and then decided to part ways. I was receiving so many emails asking about my blog and when will a post go live next. I really didn't realize anyone was reading. I brought back the blog solo into the blogger sphere and it sorta took off. In 2014 I officially put the blog under my already existing site a sort of one-stop-shop for all things fashion. It is all under one umbrella. My photography work, my stylist and my influencing and creative direction work all under one site. Last July, I bit the bullet and walked away from my agency Ford Model Management after 12 years to pursue this gig full time. It's been a ride!

What has been the biggest struggle for you with blogging, social media, collaborations, etc?

I think it's a learning experience. This world is pretty new to me. I'm lucky though that I have a rolodex of PR and Showroom connections from styling that I've acquired through the years. I've also known how to hustle majority of my career, so this is no different. I don't always wait for collabs to come to me. A lot of times I'll come up with an idea and reach out direct.

What advice would you give to those who are experiencing similar struggles and setbacks?

Don't wait for partners to knock on your door. If you have a great idea for a collab find out the PR contact and reach out.

Who do you turn to for inspiration?

I just posted this on my instagram. I’m often asked about creativity, and as cliché as it may sound I live and breathe creatively. I've been in the creative industry for the majority of my life. I’m so intensely visual that my food doesn’t taste good unless it’s beautiful, I like to use all of my senses each and every day and I like them to be invigorated. That’s not to say I only like what most perceive to be beautiful. I see so much beauty in what 'normal' people may perceive as ugly. Sometimes the ugliest and the darkest is the most inspiring.

Let's talk Instagram photos! What are your ultimate go-to apps when editing?

I'm a true photographer. I use Photoshop but mainly I use light. If it's not almost perfect from the get go, it's very rare that I'll post it. My favorite images are highly saturated and poppy so I use Photoshop to sharpen and pop the saturation.

It takes a lot of work to get the perfect IG shot. Do you have any funny moments from shooting?

Ha! Of course... a gazillion bloopers. 

Have you had an "I made it" moment yet?

Yes! I worked with John Malkovich and working with him was absolutely incredible.

What's next?

Who knows... The unknown is rather fun!

A huge thank you goes out to Helen for letting me feature her in this post! I absolutely loved getting to know more about Helen, her fashion industry experience, and her blogging journey. I can't wait to see what else she does!

If you want to connect with Helen, I'll put all of her socials below for you!

Facebook: @HelenBerkunFashion

Instagram: @helen_berkun

Twitter: @helen_berkun

Don't forget to check out her blog, Helen Berkun!

With wedding season quickly approaching, I thought it would be a great idea to point out that Helen recently posted an amazingly helpful post on her blog about Black Tie dressing. It's called Black Tie Dressing with Angela & Alison and it's so helpful. Definitely check it out!

Thank you all so much for reading!

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