Fashion Nova Jeans: Are They Worth It?

If you’re in your 20’s and have any type of social media whatsoever, you’ve probably heard of the brand that I’m going to be mentioned today: Fashion Nova.

I first heard of Fashion Nova on Instagram because of celebrities such as Cardi B and Kylie Jenner. All I heard was amazing feedback about the brand; flawless fit, great quality, budget-friendly, cute styles, etc. I never heard anything negative—which made me a bit uneasy.

One of the clothing items I kept hearing specifically about were the jeans. Even people in my everyday life would mention “the Fashion Nova fit” and how they fit what it seems like everyone perfectly. Even the girls who call themselves “thick” or “curvy” seemed to love the jeans.

Fashion Nova jeans seemed to give off that Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants vibe—and I’ll admit, it made me curious.

Jeans & Bodysuit from Fashion Nova

For reference, I’m not someone that most people would likely define as “curvy.” I typically float between the sizes of 0 and 00. Even still, finding jeans has always been something that isn’t easy for me. I have a small waist—about 22 inches, give or take—so any jeans or pants that I own, I almost always have to get taken in at the waist, especially if they’re my favorite style: high-waisted. I typically only used to wear leggings because they fit better than most jeans or pants (and I don’t have to get them altered).

With so many people on social media and in my life buzzing about Fashion Nova, I finally decided to cave in and try the jeans. I ordered the Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans in a size 0, added them to my cart, and crossed my fingers.

What seemed like maybe—maybe—two or three days later, my Fashion Nova jeans arrived. I was shocked at how fast the shipping was. It came so fast. These days I typically don’t buy much online unless they have free 2-day shipping like Amazon Prime does (I know, I’m such a millennial). At that point, I was already impressed with Fashion Nova.

Low prices? Check.

Fast shipping? Check.

Now all that was left to check off my list was the quality and the fit.

I took them out of the packaging, slid them on, and was blown away. They actually fit my waist.

Jeans & Bodysuit from Fashion Nova

The jeans literally fit me like a glove.

Aside from the fit—which is to-die-for—the quality of the denim is so nice. It’s soft, stretchy, and not thin like most inexpensive jeans. The color is spot-on too. I ordered the “dark” color and it’s literally the exactly color that you would want for going out to dinner with friends or heading to a club. I’m typically not a “jeans” girl, but now I understand why dark denim is a staple for most women. I would totally wear these with a sexy silky top and heels for a date night or a plain white tee and cute sandals for running errands. I totally understand.

The bottom line: Fashion Nova jeans are flawless.

If you’re the type of girl who has a rough time finding jeans or don’t consider yourself a “jeans” girl either, seriously try Fashion Nova. From someone that resisted the hype for so long, I’m telling you honestly to just give them a shot. I read over their return policy and it seems really great as well, so what do you really have to lose?

Thank you all so much for reading this today! As always, I love sharing my opinions and experiences with you. If you have any questions at all, please let me know!

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