Hide Your Roots Between Salon Appointments with Rootflage

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This week has been so busy—which I totally love—but I wanted to sit down and write a little review about a product I tried out for the first time called “Rootflage.”

Rootflage is a temporary root touch up powder for your hair. It was designed to help extend the life of your hair color between salon appointments in an easy, affordable, and quick manner. Rootflage was kind enough to send me their product to try out for myself and share with you all. They sent me a couple different shades, but the ones that work best for me are “Ice House” and “Light Blonde.”

For those of you who don’t know, I dye my hair. Naturally my hair is a dark ash blonde color, but I’ve been dying it a lighter ash blonde for years now. In between dying my hair, I of course have to deal with outgrowth, which tends to look extremely dark in comparison to the rest of my hair. In the past, I’ve used dry shampoo and baby powder to help conceal my roots when I don’t have time to color my hair, which works in a pinch, but can sometimes leave too much of a white cast on my roots.

However, Rootflage has a ton of different shades to help conceal your roots. They have a huge shade range for blondes, brunettes, redheads, and dark-colored hair. In addition to having natural hair colors, Rootflage also has what they refer to as renegade colors—blue, lavender, yellow, pink, purple, etc.—and highlighters.

Rootflage claims to also double as a dry shampoo and adhere to hair until it is washed out with shampoo. It also claims that it won’t damage hair, has no harsh chemicals, and is cruelty-free. Each Rootflage is $21.99 USD, and the refills are $14.99 (way cheaper than a salon touch up!). You get 9 grams of product, and a little really does go a long way!

Rootflage was kind enough to give me a discount code for you as well! You can use code "humpsandpumps" for 20% off up until October 1st, 2018!

Rootflage is definitely a multi-use product. Not only can you use it to touch up your roots, but you can use it to change up your hair color temporarily. For example, you can create a balayage look, add in some colored highlights, or get a bit bold a throw in a color like pastel pink or bright green (perfect for summer festivals!). Rootflage also sent me a shade called “Mystical” which is a light gray/lavender color. It’s meant to work as a toning hair color, which is perfect for blondes who sometimes start to look a bit brassy/yellow. I think it will also look cool as a hint of pastel purple if applied with a heavier application!

Each Rootflage color comes with the powder, a precision brush, instructions, and an attached brush (it kind of looks like a kabuki brush) that the powder comes out of. You can unscrew the lid and access the powder directly for a more precise application.

Personally, my favorite way I’ve used Rootflage is as a root touch-up. The absolute perfect shade for my hair is a combination of “Ice House” and “Light Blonde.”

The way I apply Rootflage is by first parting my hair how I’m going to wear it for the day and then using the precision brush to apply the powder directly to the roots. I use small sweeping motions to blend it into my hair. Sometimes if I apply too much, I take a small spoolie brush and use it to brush some of the powder into the rest of my hair. Once I have my part covered, I put back on the kabuki brush part and use it to help blend it into the rest of my hair. I also use the kabuki brush part to color the rest of my roots that show (including the parts framing my face and the crown of my head) by tapping and then brushing it down to blend. If I really want extra coverage, I dip the kabuki brush directly into the powder and blend into my roots. To make sure everything is blended and looks nice, I lightly brush through my hair a couple of times with a normal hair brush. Afterwards, I spray it all with a tiny bit of hair spray to really lock it in place!

I have very light blonde hair that loves to absorb color quickly, so I usually stay away from any temporary hair dyes in fear of it possibly staining my hair. However, in the days that I’ve been trying out Rootflage, I have not noticed it staining my hair. The color has just stayed on until I washed it out, and then it was gone! This is just my experience that I’ve had, so if you have light colored hair and worry about the same issue, I recommend testing out a section of your hair first—especially if you’re doing a shade like blue or purple—just to be extra safe.

Thank you all for reading about this special product. I think it’s a must-have for those of you who dye your hair and really try to stretch out your salon appointments (I’m not judging, we’ve all been there!). It’s a fun solution to a problem I know I’ve ran into (especially when I don’t have time to dye my hair in-between photoshoots), and an innovative way to change up your hair color without commitment. For those of you who are platinum blonde, I recommend this product even more so for you. I know that even after a week or two of getting your hair done, it feels like you can already see your roots coming in, and I think this will really help out a ton!

You can visit their website, or click here, to go check out the products for yourself! They have free shipping for all domestic orders too, which I think is just the best!

If you all have any questions, I would be more than happy to help answer them! Thank you again to Rootflage for sending me your products! I truly love them and I’m so excited I got to try out something creative, innovative, and extremely useful!

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