The Best Eyeshadow Palettes Based on Your Eye Color

In the last post, I explained basic color theory to you all and how to find the best tones to suit and influence your eye color. If you haven't read part one of this post, you can click here to read all about How to Determine the Best Eyeshadow Colors for Making Your Eyes Standout.

Now that we have all of the science out of the way for determining what colors will compliment our eye colors, it is time to decide what eyeshadow palettes will work best as well.

To do this, I have narrowed down my favorite palettes for each basic eye color. The eye colors I will be featuring are amber/brown, green, grey/blue, and hazel. I've group some of the eye colors together because I have found that either the complementary colors are very similar, or the eye colors seem to appear nearly the same.

Let's get right into it!


For amber and brown eyes, the first palette that comes to mind is the new Norvina palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The palette features so many purple and pink tones with the most perfect neutrals that would be stunning on amber eyes, as well as brown eyes. Another favorite choice would be the Tarte Foil Finger Paints Palette that is part of their Rainforest of the Sea collection. I think these colors will be so beautiful with brown and amber eyes. The reflection in the pigments should almost give a "sparkle" effect to the eye. I just have a feeling that the shade "Seaglass" in that palette will look so luxurious and stunning on a deep brown



Green eyes have really gotten spoiled in the beauty world over the past few years. Warm eyeshadow palettes are being released left and right, and they're playing to green eyes' advantages. The palette that first comes to mind for green eyes is the Huda Beauty Obsessions palette in Warm Brown. It features these fiery red, orange, and copper tones that basically make green eyes look like they're glowing. The runner up to this palette is Naked Heat by Urban Decay. The formula on this palette isn't my favorite, it's a little chalky in my opinion, but the colors are stunning. All you need is a little setting spray on your brush and you'll be fine when applying the colors from the Naked Heat palette and everything will turn out perfect.


I feel like Tarte does a really good job of putting out eye shadow shades to compliment every eye color. One of the palettes that I have thought for the longest time would look stunning on blue/grey eyes is the Rainforest of the Sea Volume II palette, if you decide to get this palette, I would consider just buying the Intro Set for $3 more because you will also get an eyeliner and lipstick in it. Anyway, this palette is perfect for blue/grey eyes. It's more of a neutral palette, but still absolutely stunning. The other palette I would recommend trying is the Soft Glam palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. It has a ton of warm orange and rose tones that will really make grey and blue eyes pop...not to mention that the formula is incredible.


For my fellow hazel eyed beings, it'll seem like you have more options for palettes that will suit your eyes best because of how many colors appear in your eyes. My most recent favorite for hazel eyes is Tarte's Love, Trust, & Fairy Dust palette. It has a ton of rosy, purple tones that will help draw out the lighter tones of green and amber. The Secret Garden palette by House of Lashes x Sephora Collection is also a perfect pick for hazel eyes. It has tones that can help make any color in your eye standout.

All of these palettes are just suggestions. Like I mentioned in my last post, if you don't like the colors the color wheel says are complementary, don't worry about it. Use whatever you'd like; makeup has no rules! I just wanted to share how color theory works and help you all accentuate your eye colors in one of the best ways possible. Thank you all so much for reading. If you haven't read part one, How to Determine the Best Eyeshadow Colors for Making Your Eyes Standout, be sure to do so!

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