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One of my favorite things about clothing is how people can style items infinite ways and create totally different looks just by adding some accessories or pairing it with other pieces. Fashion is a total art form and it allows us all to be our own artists and reflect our personality in what we wear, and how we wear it.

Today, I thought it would be fun to take the opportunity to show you how to get three totally different looks out of just one dress!

This is a really exciting week because Magnolia Boutique has collaborated with me to bring you this post today. For those of you who are just hearing of Magnolia Boutique, you'll be happy to know that you're in for a real treat. Magnolia Boutique is located in Indianapolis and focuses on sharing affordable, trendy indie-inspired fashion with their customers, so you won't be stretching your budget just to look cute.

Their website is filled with tons of stylish pieces that remind me of my style boards—talk about bringing fashion inspo to life!

One item from Magnolia Boutique in particular was giving me major fall fashion inspiration: the Reese Faux Suede Scalloped Dress. This shift dress is a beautiful rust color, made out of a soft suede-like material, and finished off with a scalloped hem. With it's cozy, free shape this dress allows you to feel trendy and chic without compromising any comfort or losing your figure. It's the perfect fall dress and can be styled in any way to suit the weather or look that you might be going for that day. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention—it has pockets!

With all that being said, let's get right to these looks...

This first look I put together is very chic and urban. When cooler fall days start coming our way, this is an outfit I will definitely be reaching for. By pairing the dress with dark neutrals, the color of the dress really pops and becomes even more eye-catching. I love styling dresses this way because it gives it a very effortless feel and looks naturally on-trend. Plus, by mixing faux leather into the mix, the outfit becomes very edgy and is perfect for a date night.

For a more indie style, I paired the dress with a simple long necklace and some matching booties. When I'm looking to create an indie-inspired look, I like to make the outfit look very pretty and feminine and let the pieces really speak for themselves. By choosing minimal jewelry and avoiding large accessories, such as purses or scarves, I feel as though the dress really becomes the statement piece of the outfit while still looking effortless.

I really admire Magnolia Boutique because their pieces make putting together an outfit quick and easy because of the colors and designs of the clothing. Because of the neutral and earthy tones of majority of Magnolia's items, they are super simple to mix and match.

When it starts to get a bit cooler in the fall, I always want to look cute, but still feel very cozy and warm...which brings us to styling outfit number three. For chillier days, I reach for over-the-knee boots and a blanket scarf—my go-to with shift dresses such as this one. Although this dress is lightweight, it still manages to keep me very warm because of the ultra-soft faux suede material that it's made of.

Now that I've shown you a few of my favorite ways to style this dress, I'd love it if you would go comment on my latest Instagram post wearing this dress and comment your favorite. I am so curious to know what your favorite look was and how you'd wear it as well!

Once again, a big thank you goes out to Magnolia Boutique for collaborating with me on this post. I truly hope all of you enjoyed this post and had as much fun reading it as I had creating it! Be sure to check out Magnolia Boutique on all of their socials and take a peak at their website to stock up on some new pieces for fall!

P.S. If you loved my dress and want to grab one for yourself, you can click here to go directly to it, or visit their website by clicking here! #lovemagnolia

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