The 5 Best Makeup Set Steals at Sephora

Aura Alight Glitter & Glow Highlighter and Liquid Eyeshadow Set by Stila | Credit:

Today started off with me waking up a bit later than I had hoped, answering some emails, pouring myself a cup of coffee, and then sitting down at my MacBook to gather up some blog post ideas.

After a while of jotting down some ideas and desperately waiting for the caffeine to kick in, I decided to take a scroll through Sephora’s website—BEST DECISION OF THE DAY.

Sephora currently has all these new kits and sets live on their website (I’m sure in stores too). When Sephora and Ulta launch these sets, I get so excited.

I don’t know about you all, but it’s very rare for me to actually go through an entire product that’s not setting spray, lip liner, eyeliner, mascara, or foundation, so these minis that come in sets are so ideal.

Let me just clarify this right now: this post is not sponsored by Sephora (I’d be open to it though!). Everything I’m about to share with you is completely unbiased, and are products I’m either thinking of buying, or are just too good of deals to not share.

Aura Alight Glitter & Glow Highlighter and Liquid Eyeshadow Set by Stila

Aura Alight Glitter & Glow Highlighter and Liquid Eyeshadow Set by Stila | Credit:

The first set I noticed was Stila’s Aura Alight Glitter & Glow Highlighter and Liquid Eyeshadow Set. It comes with 2 mini liquid glitter highlighters and 4 mini liquid glitter eyeshadows. I haven’t tried their liquid glitter highlighters yet, but their liquid glitter eyeshadows are STUNNING and the glitter stays on your eyes only. Usually one full-size liquid glitter eyeshadow goes for $24, and the highlighters go for $30 each.

Here’s where the deal comes in: the set is $45 (valued at $70). For me, it’s a way better deal to get the $45 set of minis and get a total of 6 products, than it is to buy the full size product. If you buy just one eyeshadow and one highlighter, you’ve already spent more than this set costs.

I love glitter just as much as the next makeup lover, but I mean, are you really going to go through an entire full-sized bottle of liquid glitter highlighter or eyeshadow? Probably not—and if you do, you’re probably not going to want to use just the one color. Long story short: this set needs to be added to your cart—right now.

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini Macaron Set by Becca

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini Macaron Set by Becca | Credit:

Even if you're not a big fan on highlighters, at least one of the makeup lovers in your life needs to hear about this set. I'm pretty sure we all heard about Becca's highlighters because of Jaclyn Hill's collaboration a few years about, and that's when we discovered how amazing—and pricey—these highlighters are. Aside from the Champagne Pop highlighter and blush/highlight duos Becca makes, I typically try not to buy their full-size highlighters—I would rather spend the nearly $40 on a foundation than a highlighter, but that's just me. The minis on their own are $19, which is a cheaper alternative, but this set is still a way better steal.

In this set though, you get an amazing deal. You get not one, not two, not three, but FOUR highlighters. Granted they are mini ones, but you get more shades and you have a better chance of using them up before they expire (if you don't know how to tell when your makeup expires, click here to read my post all about that). You get Opal, Vanilla Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Prismatic Amethyst in the set, which are all BEAUTIFUL shades. Rose Quartz (and Topaz, which isn't in the set) looks especially stunning on sun kissed skin during a vacation.

Before this set sells out, make sure you grab it! I have a feeling it'll sell quickly and I'm not 100% that they'll have another highlighter set like this for the holidays—hopefully they do though!

Glam & Glow Liquid Lights Set by Cover FX

Glam & Glow Liquid Lights Set by Cover FX | Credit:

I'm now realizing that I have so many highlighter sets to share with you all, but that's just because they're seriously such good deals. If you watch any beauty influencer on Youtube, they've probably used the Cover FX drops in some way or another, whether it's the Custom Enhancer Drops or the Glitter Drops. These drops are used so much because they are so lightweight, buildable, and beautifully blinding.

Typically, a full bottle of the drops goes for $42 to $44 depending on which type you get. The full-size bottles of Glitter Drops have 0.5oz of product in them, and the minis in this set have 0.15oz each. If you do the math, you'll be getting a total of 0.6oz of product in the set for $42, which is the actually less expensive than a full-size 0.5oz bottle of glitter drops, which retail for $44 each. The best part? You end up getting 4 colors (two Customer Enhancer Drops and two Glitter Drops) for less than the price of one Glitter Drops bottle. That's a total steal.

Again, the same point I made earlier comes back: would you really go through an entire bottle of glitter/highlighter without getting sick of the shade—and use it before it expires? That's up to you, but I recommend getting this set instead.

All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray Duo by Urban Decay

All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray Duo by Urban Decay | Credit:

My mom, sister, and I go through setting spray like there is no tomorrow. So when this deal comes up, we always take the opportunity to stock up on it. If I'm remembering correctly this deal typically comes out around this time every year.

This duo includes two full-sized, 4oz setting sprays for $39—the regular price for one 4oz setting spray is $32. If you get this duo, it's pretty much like getting a second setting spray for $7.

I don't really have much to say about this set other than the product itself is incredible and this duo is really such a great deal.

Meet the Fam Milk Bestsellers Set by Milk Makeup

Meet the Fam Milk Bestsellers Set by Milk Makeup | Credit:

I haven't tried many Milk Makeup products before. It's not because I don't like them or have anything against them, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. However, if you're someone who has been wanting to try out Milk Makeup, I would say that this set is probably the one for you. It goes for $39 and is valued at $108, which definitely makes it worth the price point.

Looking at the set, you get a little bit of everything—serum, mascara, primer, eye de-puffer stick, two highlighters, a lip/check duo, and a glitter bag to keep it all in. The products in this set are some of the most common ones I've heard about. The only product I wish they would have added in is the Face Gloss because that's the one that I've really been interested in and I feel like it's very multi-use, but I'm guessing the other products in this set tend to sell better.

Overall, this set has so many goodies in it and is perfect for on-the-go beauties that don't want to compromise skincare. Milk Makeup is really big on using good-for-you ingredients and being "clean, cool beauty." Plus, a lot of their products are multi-use which is always incredible for traveling beauties.

That's all for today's post! There are a ton of other sets that have been released on Sephora's website, as well as Ulta's, so be sure to go check them out. If you aren't sold on these sets, keep an eye out for other sets that usually come out around the holidays! I'll keep my eyes open for other sets to share with you all as well. Catch you next week!

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