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Hi friends, welcome back to the blog! Today we're changing it up from makeup and fashion to talk about something I love just as!

Lately, I've been back on my fitness game and have been trying out some really cool workouts and classes! One of the classes I tried recently was at Studio Three in River North (Chicago) and was called "HI DEF 45." It was my first time ever going to this studio, so I thought I'd spill the tea about the class so you can decide if it's something you'd like to try too!

HI DEF 45 @ Studio Three

TYPE OF WORKOUT: A heated yoga-inspired strength training fitness class.

When you go into this room, you’ll feel the heat. It’s nothing too overwhelming, but you’ll definitely be able to tell it’s a heated yoga class if you didn’t know prior to the class. I actually forgot it was a heated class when I signed up, but as soon as I stepped in, I remembered.

This class combined basic yoga moves (downward dog, warrior, child’s pose, etc.) with cardio and strength training. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing exercises like squats, burpees, and bicep curls during this class.

I recommend arriving about 15 minutes prior to class. This will give you plenty of time to check-in, change, and grab the equipment needed.


For this class, Studio Three has everything you need there for you already. They rent you everything you need for class—complimentary. In this class, we used a yoga mat, two sets of weights (one lighter, one heavier), and a resistance band. Studio Three also offers towels for use (complimentary as well), and I highly recommend taking the small one into the class with you.

The only thing you might need is a water bottle. I didn’t bring one to class, simply because I forgot, but I was fine without it. I don’t typically drink water throughout my classes, but if you’re someone that does, feel free to bring it with! If you forget yours, Studio Three has a café called Graze on the first floor, which I’m pretty sure you can grab a bottle at.

Studio Three also has a full locker room with showers, lockers, and basic amenities. The lockers are there for your use and have built-in locks already—the only thing you need to remember is whatever code you set.

WHAT TO WEAR: Leggings, sports bra, and a fitted top (optional).

This was the hardest part for me to figure out since I couldn’t find any information basically anywhere. I went in yoga leggings, a sports bra, and fitted tank top—and that was totally fine. Some of the other ladies in my class wore cropped leggings, looser tops, or even just a sports bra as a top. It seems like the class is pretty open dress-code wise, so just wear what you’ll be comfortable in.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing joggers or a hoodie because you are doing such a variety of movements (some of them quicker than others), and you don’t want excess material to trip you up. Plus, if you’re wearing very loose clothing, the instructor might not be able to see your form to be able to help you adjust if it’s incorrect.

This class is a shoeless one—wear yoga socks (with the grips on the bottom) or go barefoot!


So far, this has been one of the most intense fitness classes that I have ever been to. The movements and reps themselves aren’t extremely difficult, but the combinations, speed, weights, and resistance bands make you get your heart rate up and break a sweat. On top of that, I feel like because this class was heated, it made it the level of intensity go up even further.

I’m someone that modestly, I’d say is in relativity good shape. I don’t typically break a sweat at most classes, and can usually catch my breath quickly. This class had me sweating for a real one and I was so happy I brought that little towel in with me to dry off as I continued throughout the class.

I left this class on an endorphin high. I felt so amazing and energetic—it was unreal.


Usually I don’t start to feel sore until the next day, but around 11:30pm (6 hours after class), I started to feel a tiny bit of soreness in my inner thighs and glutes. I knew this meant that the next day I was going to be sore.

Sure enough, when I woke up, I definitely felt sore. My inner thighs, sides of my glutes, and the area right where my chest meets my armpits (deltoids?) were the most sore. I have a pretty strong core, so I didn’t feel much soreness there, but if you’re someone who doesn’t do much core work, you might feel it.

Feeling sore might sound like a negative thing to most people, but truthfully, I love it. It makes me feel like I actually worked out and made a difference fitness-wise. When I don’t feel sore after a workout, I’m less likely to do it again because for me, it doesn’t seem like it does anything. This class though…you’ll definitely feel it.

FINAL THOUGHTS: 10/10 would recommend.

Studio Three gave me such a great experience. Everyone was incredibly helpful and kind. The instructor Courtney was so nice and lead a really amazing class. She demonstrated each movement a couple times—as well as modifications—prior to each circuit during our resting periods (10-20 seconds usually). She also timed each of our exercises and reminded us which moves were next as we went, which was a huge help—I always seem to forget the next move when I’m working out because I get so focused on the exercise I’m currently doing.

Before class, I spoke to a couple of the members and they also gave positive feedback. A few ladies gave me recommendations of their favorite classes, so I’ll be trying those soon and getting back to you all when I do.

It’s important to remember that fitness is something that is incredibly personal. When you take a fitness class, how many calories you burn and the difficulty of a class is really up to you. If you’re constantly pushing yourself during class to do all of the reps, use the heavier weights, use the tighter resistance band, and take modifications that will push you, you’ll get more out of the class and have a more intense workout.

During classes, I always try to push myself as much as I can, but still listen to my body at the same time. For me, I was a dancer and I know my knees can’t handle a lot of impact, so when I’m doing squats and jumping motions, I take the modifications I need, but don’t make them any easier than they need to be. Don’t be afraid to do the same thing—listen to your body, but still push yourself.

Bottom line: If you looking for a class that’s going to give you a killer workout and really push yourself, take this one! I love it, and I’ll definitely be back for more!

Thanks so much for reading! I'm always looking to create content you love and help you all in any way I can, so if you have any recommendations or questions, feel free to get in touch. I always look forward to your feedback!

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