5-Minute Skincare with Patchology

On busy days, skincare routines—even I’ll admit—are the first to be skipped or rushed through. At times, the mere thought of having to wash, rinse, dry, oil, and moisturize my face is way too much…let alone do anything else to it such as applying masks or exfoliating. Regardless, skincare is incredibly important and spending just a few minutes a day on it can help you fight wrinkles and have clear, radiant skin.

Luckily, I’ve found a company that creates really innovative products that will help you busy bees be able to keep up with your hectic schedule and not have to compromise caring for your skin: Patchology.

For those of you aren’t familiar, Patchology is a skincare company that sells products such as facial treatments, lip gels, eye gels, lip treatments, and so much more, in the form of patch-like shapes and sheet masks.

Patchology was created around the idea that successfully delivering great skincare ingredients, on their customer’s terms, is “a game changer.” According to their website, their founding team actually started developing patch technologies for the medical field (which is super cool), and now they’re taking their expertise to create products that give great results, do more, and work faster.

Patchology’s inspiration is “beauty at the speed of you.” This means that whether you have five minutes or 30, they’re trying their best to create products that will fit in with your schedule.

The very first product that made me discover Patchology was the On the Fly Kit that I saw on Amazon. It’s a kit that has two face sheet masks, one pair of eye gels (they’re pretty much hydrating gel stickers for your under eyes), and one lip gel (just like the eye gels, but for your lips). This seemed like the perfect set to take with me on my work trip to keep my skin hydrated and radiant, since sometimes traveling takes a toll on my skin. Fast forward 20 minutes later and I was tabs deep in Patchology’s website reading about each product.

Disclaimer: Patchology was so kind enough to send me a package with a couple of the items I was most interested in (how did they know?!) so I could share them with you.

The items I received were:

After taking a few weeks to try out the products, I’ve gathered some of my thoughts and feelings for you all…

When it comes to the face masks, I can definitely say that I really liked all of them. I tend to avoid sheet masks at times because the ones that I’ve tried prior to Patchology’s were always too messy, weirdly shaped, and required me to have to stay still (usually laying down) so I wouldn’t drip all over the place.

Patchology’s face masks weren’t as oddly shaped as the ones that I’ve tried in the past. Usually sheet masks are too big and circular for my face, but these were more oval-shaped and not too oversized. I could actually line up both my eyes and mouth with the cut-outs without getting face mask juice in my mouth or eyes (I can’t be the only one with this problem!).

The sheet masks themselves were also a nice quality. Sometimes sheet masks are too thin and they tear, but these didn’t. They seemed durable without being too thick.

The FlashMasque sheet masks were also perfectly moistened—they weren’t soaking wet and dripping all over the place for once. They actually stayed on my face while standing; this means that I was able to walk around the house and do things like make a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Because of how these sheet masks were, I was able to throw one on right after waking up without slowing down my morning routine or wasting time. After removing the mask, you can just rub the remaining serum into your skin and not have to worry about rinsing—just apply your moisturizer and you’re good to go! The first time I used the Milk Peel, I left it on for only 5 minutes and my skin still looked and felt great. If you have extra time, feel free to leave it on for longer!

My favorite sheet mask out of the ones I received was Hydrate. Hydrate really made my skin feel fresh and, well, hydrated. If you’re going to try any of the three I did, I definitely recommend getting Hydrate! Illuminate disappointed me a little bit because I expected to have glowy, luminous skin immediately afterwards, but that wasn’t the case. My skin looked healthy afterwards, but the mask definitely didn’t give me the J. Lo skin I was hoping it would. Overall, it did give a beautiful look to my skin and made it feel nice…just don’t go into it hoping for unrealistic expectations like I did.

The FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels were definitely my favorite product out of the bunch. I’ve tried other similar products in the past, but these ones just really did it for me. They’re a gel-like texture, but aren’t slimy or drippy. Because these eye gels aren’t messy at all and really stay in place once you stick them to your skin, you can pretty much apply them wherever you are. I actually wore one of my pairs of eye gels in the car on the way back home from the gym. They’re clear and just stick right under your eyes, so no one can really see them (at least I think they can’t). Once again, after removing them, you don’t have to rinse off the excess serum, just rub it gently into your skin. Easy peasy.

I think the FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gels was the product I was the most curious about when I got it. I didn’t really know what to expect. When you open it up, it looks like a giant pair of lips with a slit in the middle. This was probably the least apply-it-and-go product because it didn’t stay in place as well as the others. You can definitely walk around your house with this one on, but you might have to adjust it a couple times to make sure it stays on. It doesn’t taste like anything specific, but I wouldn’t say the taste is bad. When I took it off (I kept it on for 15 minutes because I had the time), my lips felt moisturized and definitely didn’t look as chapped as they were before. After you take this one off, you don’t have to rinse your lips, but I applied a light layer of chapstick just to help keep the moisture in and rub the extra serum in.

The very last product I tried was the Clean AF Facial Cleansing Wipes. Because I’m usually always on the go, I keep makeup/cleansing wipes in my car just in case I need/want to remove my makeup or freshen up my skin after working out. Without thinking, I tossed these in my car and almost forgot about them. The next day, I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of one of my fitness classes when I remembered that they were in there. I took one out and removed my makeup and was blown away. The wipes were so soft and, once again, weren’t too drippy or wet. They were excellent and smelt so fresh. These are a little bit more pricey than some other brands I’ve tried ($5 for a single pack of 15 wipes), but I if you’re looking to test out some new makeup/cleansing wipes for on-the-go, I’d say it’s worth it to try. I’ll definitely be taking these with me to NYC in a week!

Overall, I really love these products. If you’re thinking of getting just a couple of their products to try out, I totally recommend getting the Rejuvenating Eye Gels and the FlashMasque Hydrate or Milk Peel. These were the most stand-out products to me, but I honestly can say that I did enjoy all of the products for different reasons; they’re really great quality and the fact that they’ve really seemed to just nail it on the amount of serum in each product just shows that they have worked on perfecting each one.

Tip: If you’re looking to try out a few different products, try looking at Patchology’s sets. They have several different ones that might have a few of the ones you’re looking to try bundled together (such as the Wink Wink set or Down to Mask kit).

Once again, I'd like to thank Patchology for sending me a few products to test out and share with you all. I hope you all enjoyed this post and learned something new. I always am on the hunt to find new products and companies I think you all might enjoy. If you have any requests, questions, or anything like that, don’t be shy; I’m always available via Instagram or email! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll be sharing more with you very soon!

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