Get Fit With Me! | Dailey Barre @ The Dailey Method

CLASS: Dailey Barre

WHERE: The Dailey Method

DURATION: 60 minutes


This class focuses mainly on traditional barre. Barre is a workout that is inspired by ballet, so you can expect some ballet-inspired movements, as well as a combination of yoga and strength training.

WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle (optional) and socks

As far as I’m aware, socks are required. If you forget to bring socks, they do have some available for purchase at the studio!

WHAT TO WEAR: Leggings/capris, fitted top, and yoga/barre socks

There are no strict dress code rules—at least that I’ve ever noticed—but I recommend wearing fitted clothes in order for the instructors to see your form and be able to correct it. Yoga/barre socks are highly recommended; these socks are the kind with the grips at the bottom, but feel free to just wear any type of socks.

DIFFICULTY (1-10): 6.5

I’ve been taking barre classes for the past two or three years and I love it! It is such a wonderful workout and really helps you target your core, glutes, thighs, and arms.

This class—like many others at The Dailey Method—encourages you to work at your own level and focus on technique and form above everything else. With the being said, this class can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it. The instructors always give you modification options and tips for making sure your body is aligned properly. At the beginning of class, the instructor will ask if anyone has any injuries or restrictions they should be aware of, if you do, be honest with them because they will help you find a modification that will still give you a good workout despite your injury or restriction.

For example, my knees hurt easily because of all my years of dance, so when we’re doing motions such as squats, my modifications typically involve me not squatting as low.

Dailey Barre can be challenging—especially if it’s your first time—but don’t be intimidated. This is a great workout for someone who is looking for a low-impact, low-cardio workout that will still make a difference in their body. To make the class challenging, take the more difficult modifications, use heavier weights (if they’re being used), and do every rep.

If you're curious to know even more about what to expect on your first day, you can read my post, What to Expect at Your First Barre Class.


Depending on how hard I push myself in class typically correlates to how sore I am. On days that I really push myself hard, I’ll be anywhere from a 5 to 6, but if I push myself moderately during class, I’ll be more like a 4 or 5 in terms of soreness. Typically, since my core is already very strong, if I do get sore, it’s mostly in my glutes and thighs.


The Dailey Method is one of my favorite places to take barre at. I think the instructors pay so much attention to each person and are very encouraging. They remember your name, get to know you, and are extremely patient. The instructors really know their stuff and really help students get into perfect form and alignment.

For example, in other barre classes I’ve taken, I was always told to make sure that I’m “engaging my core.” At the time, I thought I had been. It wasn’t until I went to The Dailey Method that I learned what that meant and how to do it. The instructor explained it in a way that I finally understood and I actually felt the difference.

Overall, I highly recommend the Dailey Barre class. It’s perfect for everyday; whether you’re feeling lazy or highly motivated, you’ll end up getting a great workout. There are a ton of classes at the studio that I recommend as well, but this one is great for students at any level.

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