Get Fit With Me! | Heated Yoga Fusion @ Revival Yoga Wellness Studio

CLASS: Heated Yoga Fusion

WHERE: Revival Yoga Wellness Studio

DURATION: 75 minutes


This class was described as a being a challenging combination of sweat, strength, and spirituality, while blending power vinyasa, yin, and meditation. It was specifically supposed to lead the class into stretching poses to support joints, bones, and connective tissue. It also claimed that the “enhanced energy flow” will support the function of organs/immunity, as well as overall health and emotional well-being.

While the entire description of the class was lengthy and sounded beautiful, personally, I would simply describe this class as a moderate-level yoga class with freedom to create their own vinyasa flow.

When I read the title of the class (Heated Yoga Fusion), I had expected the class to be more of a fast-paced, pilates-inspired yoga class. Surprisingly, this class was not heated—if it was, it definitely wasn’t enough to feel the heat compared to other classes I’ve been to. If you’re looking for a true heated yoga class—this isn’t quite it.

WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat, water, and a towel.

WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable workout clothes.

Personally, I wore yoga leggings and a sports bra. However, there were people in my class who wore yoga leggings and a t-shirt, shorts and a sports bra, joggers and a tank top, etc. There seemed to be no specific dress code, but similar to other yoga classes, you’re going to want to leave your shoes outside of the classroom. You can wear socks if you’d like to, but most of the class is barefoot.

DIFFICULTY (1 to 10) : 8.5

If you’re a beginner to yoga, this class will be extremely difficult for you. The instructor gave some direction, but only demonstrated certain moves. If you’re not familiar with common yoga poses, you’ll be looking around the room trying to copy the moves of the people around you. In this yoga setting, it was very quiet and tranquil, which was wonderful for relaxing and focusing on the workout, but it also made me feel like I couldn’t ask the instructor what I’m supposed to be doing. Typically the instructors in other classes I've taken have walked around and adjusted the students' movements, however, the instructor seemed more focused on enhancing spirituality with words.

In other yoga classes I’ve taken, the instructors have given modification options and have explained what those are in order for everyone to make their practice suitable for themselves. This is one thing that I really wish this class did because it would have given more guidance to everyone in class. I had moments in this class where I closed my eyes for 2 seconds and when I opened them, we were in another position and I had no idea how we got there, but I just had to figure it out.

On the flip side, if your yoga practice is moderate-level or higher, you will love this class because you will be able to move through the movements and flows much faster. You will have plenty of room to take things at your own speed and make the movements as easy or difficult as you wish.


Since I didn’t receive much guidance during the class, I wasn’t sure what I was doing in each movement and felt like I kind of just went through the motions. The next day, I wasn’t sore at all—which is both good and bad to me. When I’m not sore, I feel as though I didn’t get as good of a workout, but I did appreciate not being sore because I didn’t have any muscle tightness. I don’t know if my lack of soreness was because I didn’t workout hard, or if I simply just relaxed and stretched out my muscles during class.


This was my first time going to this studio and class. Right now, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I felt like there wasn’t much direction in the class, but on the other, I do appreciate the freedom the class gave.

Throughout the class, the instructor spoke calmly and shared very inspiring quotes and words with us. Her words really made me forget about everything that had gone on throughout the day, which was a great release. I absolutely loved this aspect of the class. I felt that her words created mindfulness and inspired emotional well-being—it helped a lot with bringing out spirituality in class.

At the end of class, we all laid on our yoga mats and the instructor came around and placed a cold, lavender-scented towel on our foreheads. This was my favorite part! It felt absolutely amazing and was the perfect way to end the class. This is something I'll be doing at home to help relax when I'm stressed.

Overall, I don’t think I will be going back to this exact class, but I am interested in trying more from this studio. The studio itself offers some really interesting classes and I get the feeling that this class is simply just for those who are more advanced and don’t need much direction. Direction is something I personally really value in a class, so this one just wasn’t my favorite. As I said before, if you’re moderate to advanced with yoga, definitely take this class! It all just depends on what you prefer in a class.

Thanks so much for reading! I'm always looking to create content you love and help you all in any way I can, so if you have any recommendations or questions, feel free to get in touch. I always look forward to your feedback!

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